DUKAP was established as a family business in 1983 to create spaces where you can live with pleasure by adding original ideas, creative solutions and innovative touches to the wallpaper industry. With three generations of experience, it has carried out many projects in the wallpaper industry. It does not harm human health and the environment with its production quality in international standards by procuring all the raw materials used from its solution partner suppliers with a production understanding that respects life and nature.

DUKAP aims to reach customers with different tastes with its innovative, modern and decorative wallpaper production with its design-oriented approach as well as its understanding of producing high quality and safe wallpaper at international standards. The main source of DUKAP being a leading name in the sector is the adoption of the design-oriented wallpaper production philosophy by the DUKAP Design Team. DUKAP; In addition to producing its own wallpaper brand, it aims to be a production center for various wallpaper brands both in Turkey and in the world.


Chief Executive Officer